VIT School of Management

Master of Management Studies program intends to develop competent high caliber management thinkers and practitioners for efficient running of any business and industry. It is an academic discipline, a social science whose objective is to study social organization. As a discipline, management comprises the interlocking functions of formulating corporate policy and organizing, planning, controlling, and directing a firm's resources to achieve a policy's objectives.
Current Intake - 120

Assisting Management Aspirants to make the Right Decision “Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful...” ― José N. Harris We at Vidyalankar understand this and do all in our might to help the students make prudent decisions about their career. In line with this, we identified two very critical needs of the students aspiring to make a career in Management and chalked out multiple activities to address these:

Seminar- ‘Understanding MMS Admission Process’: The Centralized Admission Process (CAP) mandated by Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Maharashtra State is a complex process with multiple rounds and requires aspirants to make intelligent decisions so as to secure the best admissions as per their needs. Not surprisingly, many aspirants are confused due to lack of clarity. We arranged multiple rounds of seminar to elaborately explain the process to the aspirants and clear their doubts. The great response to the first round of activity on 20th May 2017 encouraged us to repeat the activity on 7th Jun 2017.

Experiential Activity - ‘Experience MMS Life @ Vidyalankar’: MMS is not just another degree. For most of students, this is the final education and hence will decide the fate of their life. Such an important decision and they have only opinions and reviews of others to decide on. To address this critical need, we created a very unique experiential activity on 10th Jun 2017 which helped the aspirants get the insider’s view by living a day of in life of an MMS Student. This was widely advertised through Digital Marketing and SMS. The day long activity entailed activities inside and outside the classroom, interaction with distinguished faculty and MMS students, case study analysis, team assignments, among other things. The activity witnessed a very enthusiastic response and participation.