PEO and PO

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1: Graduates will be able to apply Electronics and Telecommunication engineering knowledgeto design technically sound systems, adopt new technologies through life-long learning, and to lead a successful career in diverse domains and streams.

PEO2: Graduates will be able to show ability of research and developmentand entrepreneurship skills.

PEO3: Graduates will be able toexhibit professionalism, ethics, team work, andsocial awarenessin their career.

Program Outcomes :

PO1:Graduates will be able to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to identify,formulate and solve Electronics and Telecommunication engineering problems.

PO2:Graduates will be able to review andcontribute in research literature to analyze and model complex electronics.

PO3:Graduates will be able to make changes in the existing telecommunication engineering system or process as well as they will be capable of designing various telecommunication systems or process which will be a step towards new technology or sustainability.

PO4:Graduates will be able to gain knowledge of the subjects that are core to other branches of engineering and thus they will be able to perform multidisciplinarytask.

PO5:Graduates will be able demonstrate skills to use electronic equipment, modern engineering tools and software in analysis, design and development.

PO6:Graduates will be able to cultivate a lifelong learning attitude with desire to adopt the rapidly developing technology.

PO7:Graduates will be able to show the team spirit and leadership by organizing and/or being part of technical activities or/and competitions.

PO8:Graduates will be able to show the ability to effectively communicate using verbal and written communications skills.

PO9:Graduates will be able to design and implement environment friendly Electronics and Telecommunication Systems according to given specifications withoutcompromising safety, cultural and societal values.

PO10:Graduates will be able to design and develop Electronics and Telecommunication systems which are useful for developing confidence and contributingwithin the engineering community.

PO11:Graduates will be able to show the ability to exhibit code of conduct and professional ethics.

PO12:Graduates will be able to understand impact of engineering solutions on society, country and humanity.