Other than Home University (OHU) Committee


Prof. Pravin Gharge (First Year Engineering)



  • Prof. Geeta Naryanan (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Prof. Uma Jaishankar (Electronics Engineering)
  • Prof. Vibha Wali (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering)
  • Prof. Swapnil Sonawane (Computer Engineering)
  • Prof. Bhanu Tekwani (Information Technology)
  • Prof. Vishwas Patil (First Year Engineering)
  • Prof. Athang Joshi (First Year Engineering)



OHU committee caters to the students who belong to another town, state, city, and country other than Mumbai University. This focus of the committee is to mentor, counsel the students and resolve any issues related to academics, accommodation and food. It will support the student to enhance the wellness and overall performance. 


The committee will bring together all OHU students in VIT and support them with all necessary guidance and assistance.To encourage the teaching faculty to


  • Extra lectures to increase result
  • Interaction with OHU students from higher semester
  • Counselling sessions by professional counsellor
  • Mentoring
  • Sports coaching
  • Extend library hours
  • Early dinner as per demand
  • Accommodation assistance