The four year Computer Engineering Degree course is divided into eight semesters where in each year there are two semesters. Given below are the lists of subjects covered in each of the semesters.

FIRST YEAR : Semester 1 FIRST YEAR : Semester 2

Applied Mathematics‐I

Applied Mathematics‐II

Applied Physics‐I

Applied Physics‐II

Applied Chemistry

Applied Chemistry ‐II

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Drawing

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Structured Programming Approach

Environmental studies

Communication Skills

SECOND YEAR : Semester 3 SECOND YEAR : Semester 4

Applied Mathematics III

Applied Mathematics IV

Digital Logic Design and Analysis

Analysis of Algorithms

Discrete Mathematics

Computer Organization and Architecture*

Electronic Circuits and Communication Fundamentals

Computer Graphics

Data Structures

Operating System

Digital System Lab

Analysis of Algorithms Lab

Basic Electronics Lab Computer Graphics Lab
Data structure Lab Processor Architecture Lab
OOPM(Java) Lab Operating System Lab
- Open Source Tech Lab

THIRD YEAR : Semester 5 THIRD YEAR : Semester 6


System Programming and Compiler Construction

Operating Systems

Software Engineering

Structured and Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Distributed Databases

Computer Networks

Mobile Communication and Computing

Web Technologies Laboratory

Elective­ I

Business Communication and Ethics*

Network Programming Laboratory

FOURTH YEAR : Semester 7 FOURTH YEAR : Semester 8

Digital Signal Processing

Data Warehouse and Mining

Cryptography and System Security

Human Machine Interaction

Artificial Intelligence

Parallel and Distributed Systems

Elective II

Elective III

Project 1

Project II

Networks Threats and Attacks Laboratory

Cloud Computing Laboratory

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