Doctoral Degree is introduced in the course of Computers Engineering by dissertation or multiple research papers. It normally requires a significant thesis, dissertation or final comprehensive project including a formal defence and approval by nominated examiners or an officially sanctioned and qualified doctoral review committee. The degree is conferred when all coursework, testing, and written research is completed satisfactorily and when it has been examined, reviewed and approved by the awarding institution.

Research plays an important role in education. Doctoral level research is the seed-bed for ideas and practices of the given field. As knowledge is not algorithmic; it does not involve following a rule-based sequence of actions that are applicable in every common situation. Rather, knowledge always requires developed judgment. There are complexities, subtleties, and variations from situation to situation that require experienced judgment in order to apply the knowledge properly.

Keeping this in mind we have introduced Doctoral Programme in Computer Engineering in the year 2014-15.Our Institution is a research centre which enrols 10 students for PhD (technical) degree course in subject of Computer Engineering recognized by the University of Mumbai.