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A well-designed educational facility can truly enhance performance and make learning-teaching a more gratifying and rewarding experience. The Vidyalankar Campus is spread over a sprawling area of 11 acres at Wadala, at the heart of Mumbai city.

The management wanted to erect a high performance building which exudes exuberance; thermally, visually and acoustically comfortable; energy, material and water efficient; safe and secure; easy to maintain and operate and which has a stimulating architecture. The resultant Avant-garde building which was commissioned to be designed by a globally reputed professional architectural firm offers students a vibrant setting for their studies and symbolizes the institute’s resolve to scale new heights continually. The internationally acclaimed DesignShare Honor Award for Architectural Excellence of an Educational Institute was conferred upon Vidyalankar Institute of Technology in 2007 for its unparalleled student-friendly infrastructure designed to facilitate a dynamic learning environment. It has ample and well-furnished space to accommodate administrative, academic, consultancy, projects, research and development and extra-curricular activities and is adaptable to changing needs.

Architecture : The Winning Project

EDUCATIONAL VILLAGE: Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India.Jurors Comment


WOW. Wild, crazy, funky. I like this project. Its a big feeling inside: lots of variety of space, color, light–very kinetic architecture. I am encouraged by the Educator narrative–there was good involvement in the design process that drew out the need for informal and collaborative space. - Jeff Lackney


Yes, WOW, indeed. An impressive educational narrative, providing a real feeling that the educator's openness unleashed a boatload of ideas from the team of architects – a true fireworks display of creative thinking. Delightful interactions between educators and architects. - Beth Hebert


I like this project from an architectural standpoint. An interesting design response that took some very specific steps towards making it sustainable. - Tim Dufault

So thrilling to hear these educators' openness to a "fresh approach" of incorporating clearly understood values. This kind of imagination is rare in educational circles. The courage and conviction in philosophical beliefs that makes this kind of building possible is palpable. - Beth Hebert


The planners and designers for this school have truly pulled off a dynamic learning environment, providing educators much to work with. I really appreciate the creativity in design that is coming out of new schools in Asia. Educators in these regions are looking to re-engineer the system and are allowing design of the learning environment to play a big role. There is a strong lesson in these schools about the 'realm of possibilities' in educational design. - Peter Brown


Feeling positive about the use of 'alcove' space, the very cost-effective nature of the overall project, and the focus on "progressive" education. Huge fan of how they pulled off the "Learning Street" — especially given the way the eye is allowed to wonder as it wanders. Particularly appreciate the 'suspended ampitheatre' that looks over the learning street. I deeply appreciate the way they allowed imagination, humor, and fun to remain front and center. - Christian Long

HONOR Award from DesignShare, USA'07 

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology is housed in two buildings.

1. Blocks A-G

A Block Reception Registrar’s Office Bursar’s Office Office of Principal,VIT Board Room Conference Room
B Block Examination Cell Office of HoD, BIOMED Engg Faculty Room, BIOMED Engg Mini Theatre Lecture Halls Laboratories, BIOMED Engg
C Block Cafeteria Guest House Common Rooms Café Lounge
D Block Office of In Charge, FE Engg Faculty Room, FE Engg Lecture Halls Seminar Hall Student Activity Centre
E Block Office of HoD, INFT Engg Faculty Room, INFT Engg Lecture Halls Amphitheatre VPrint Souvenir / Book Shop
F Block Office of HoD, ETRX Engg Faculty Room, ETRX Engg Office of CAO Lecture Halls
G Block Computer Centre Reading Hall Library Apple Lab
L Block Gymkhana FE Laboratories INFT Laboratories ETRX Laboratories Tutorial Rooms

2. Block M

Level 0 Engg Workshop Auditorium
Level 1 Entrance Lobby Seminar Hall Placement Office Alumni Office
Level 2 Office of HoD, CMPN Engg Faculty Room, CMPN Engg Lecture Halls
Level 3 Seminar Hall Lecture Halls Computer Laboratories
Level 4 Office of HoD, EXTC Engg Faculty Room, EXTC Engg Lecture Halls EXTC Laboratories
Level 5 Lecture Halls Seminar Hall
Level 6 Office of HoD, MMS Faculty Room, MMS HR Office Facility Manager Office Exhibition Area
Level 7 Chairperson Office Director Office Board Room Meeting Room Meeting Lounge
In order to create pleasant and comfortable academic experience, all classrooms, offices and most of the laboratories are made air conditioned. Buildings have ample open spaces and recreational zones to make every corner very cheerful, lively and stimulating.