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In a technical institute it is often seen that importance is given only to science and arts is relegated to obscurity. In an attempt to strike the right balance between science and the literary arts, Vidyalankar Institute of Technology initiated its Literary Council. The responsibilities entrusted on this Council included organizing literary events such as debates, quizzes, elocution, spell bee, mock parliament, poetry writing, publishing the prestigious annual college magazine ‘V Express’, preparation of the quarterly e-newsletter ‘Vibes’ and also the newsletter ‘Vector’ in association with DNA and conducting other literary activities at regular intervals.

Triumphs at literary events

Ekah 2015 at Mumbai University

Won the first place in Poem Writing by Mr. Shubham Motiwale and third place by Mr. Siddhant Wade Won second place in Poster making by Mr. Amol Koli and third place by Ms. Shivali Kamath

KALEIDOSCOPE 2014 at Sophia College for Women

Won the third place in Fantazia (Fictional story writing event) by Mr. Atessa Shradhey and Ms. Jaahaanavee Sikri VIT also won the most prestigious Fine Arts Trophy for the most wins in Fine Arts Events Category at Kaleidoscope

Marathi and Hindi Bhasha Din

Marathi Bhasha Din is celebrated every year. VIT with its students and faculty dedicates a day to celebrate and honor Marathi language and Marathi culture. The celebration is on a grand scale where all the shades of Marathi language right from folk songs, dramas and poetries are performed. It is a small attempt by VIT to keep the Marathi culture’s beauty and integrity alive. VIT dedicates a day to Hindi, the language that is spoken by 41% of Indian people, which is spoken in 21 different countries and ranked 5th in the world.