Trupti Naik

Assistant Professor and Incharge Head of the Department


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Management Education is transiting with immense change mechanism, and the fundamentals are reshaping their name with a different AVATAR. The critical issues of concern are large number of regulatory bodies and rating agencies having differing parameters for determining ‘excellence’. Concentration of placement focus leads to singular and unwise purpose of management education. ‘Management is one of the field where theories need to be derived out of practice’ and management educators have to learn this fast.

Domain Knowledge, though important, keeps on changing with the times. What remains constant are the set of timeless values that needs to be inculcated, imbibed and nourished in the future generation. We, at Vidyalankar, lay more stress on these values, in addition to domain knowledge that industry needs, this is attempted by setting examples and demonstrating skill sets. We trust our students deliver to the industry not only what it currently needs but what it may need in future.


Management Studies department at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology is dedicated to…

establishing a center of learning and achieve excellence in the field of Management Education and promoting research with emphasis on knowledge to develop problem solving capabilities amongst students and making students aware of the societal and environmental needs with specific appreciation of the emerging global context.


Management Studies department at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology will be able…

  • to provide an educational environment where students can harness and achieve their full potential in their chosen discipline and become responsible citizens without compromising ethics.

  • to provide a scholarly environment where the talents of both, the faculty members and students are nurtured and enhanced.