Final Year Projects Quality Assurance


Prof. Pankaj Vanwari (Computer Engineering)


  • To achieve very meaningful, useful and salable project projects/ideas.  
  • To make students think.  
  • To inculcate project handling skills


Final Year Project is significant activity for students. Hence, project selection shall be given utmost importance. Students may be asked to present one or more project ideas before scrutiny panel constituted by the department. Following points shall be considered while selection of project. 


  • Session on “Technical Report and Paper writing Seminar” to give students an idea about Technical Report Compilation and its importance in the course of a project on the date

  • To arrange a project exhibition 

  • To conduct a project audit 

  • To conduct project mock examination 

  • To arrange project examination 

  • To ensure that projects per staff members has not exceeded the limit assigned