Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)


Prof. Vijay Purohit (Electronics and Telecommunication)


ISTE is a premier National Society for Teachers and Students of the Technical Education System with more than 102985 teacher and 5.5 lakh student members, 2410 Institutional Members, 1214 Faculty Chapters and 1322 Student Chapters. They conduct Professional Refinement Programmes for faculty members of AICTE approved Technical Institutions sponsored by AICTE. It is a major Consultant for Educational Management, Institution Building, Career and Personality development of teachers and students respectively. It is a Professional Society giving over more than 70 National and Regional Awards to Institutions, Teachers and Students for innovation and excellence in various areas of Engineering and Technology. It runs ISTE - Srinivasa Ramanujan Mathematical Competitions, ISTE-SRM Short-Term Training Programmes and ISTE-PTU Faculty Development Programmes


The ISTE committee provides quality training programmes to teachers and administrators of technical institutions to update their knowledge and skills in their fields of activity.


  • OPEN CV workshop on Computer Vision workshop by using Python programming language and Image processing techniques.

  • Workshop on Brainwave Robotics to Create Awareness for brainwave controlling command signal to Robot Via Wireless Technology.

  • 2 days’ workshop on “ARM Based Embedded Workshop” to understand the science of Engineering solutions and build applications.

  • Workshop on 'Linux Bash'

  • To assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industry and other organizations

  • To provide guidance and training to students to develop better learning skills and personality

  • To organize short term activities on professional learnings

  • To coordinate with technical committee of the department to avoid duplication of activities

  • To identify programs necessary for chapter award

  • To arrange meetings with professional body

  • To invite professional body office bearers as guest speakers