Laboratory Development Committee


Prof. Geeta Narayanan (Biomedical Engineering)


Technical education depends critically on laboratory set ups with latest infrastructure and meaningful experiment set ups to facilitate experimentation.


Laboratory development committee is expected to take every step to provide latest facilities in the Institute laboratories leading to research environment and creation of “Centre/s of Excellence” in the technological field.


  • Guest lecture on Fabrication of Memory resistor by Prof. Kirti Agashe.

  • Purchase – Equipment and Consumables 

  • Maintaining equipment and consumables stock register  

  • Utilization  

  • Disposal of equipment 

  • Update of practical set 

  • Submission of projects to fetch grants 

  • Day to day functioning of Laboratory  

  • Maintenance of equipment 

  • Display of charts, photographs in laboratory 

  • Develop a team to achieve expertise in the field 

  • Training / demo of new equipment 

  • Training of Laboratory staff 

  • Budget 

  • Initiate collaborations with nearby laboratories/research laboratories 

  • Meet technical professionals and consultants in the relevant field