Library Committee


Prof. Girish Gidaye (Electronics Engineering)


VIT has been continuously enhancing and updating its well-equipped Library as it is one of the key learning resources which assists students in fulfilling their information requirements and helps its faculty in supplementing class-room lectures. 


The purpose of the Library Committee is to act as a channel of communication between the Institute Library and its users. It shall assist in developing operational procedures, suggest various measures for improvement and development of the library resources and formulate both personnel and fiscal policies. It shall strive to inculcate the enriching habit of reading books in a technologically enabled and intellectual atmosphere. 


  • Session on “How to Inculcate reading habits” to give tips to imbibe reading habits in students.

  • Session on “How to Search Online Articles/ Journal Papers” intended to highlight what is a research paper and review paper and how to search articles/ scholarly paper/ journal papers.

  • Purchase of Library Material – e material and reading devices.

  • Provision and upkeep of Reading Room.

  • Reference Section.

  • Access.

  • Working Hours, Extended Hours & Holidays .

  • Current students, Alumni, visitor/community.

  • Book Issue, Issue Period.

  • Disposal.

  • Penalty.

  • Facility- Reprography & Internet connectivity.

  • Book Bank.

  • Linkages to other Libraries.

  • Automation.

  • Restrictions. 

  • Budget Preparation.

  • Stock Checking.