Women Development Cell


Dr Smruti Tekale (FE)


VIT’s Women’s Development Cell endeavors to empower women and at creating wider gender sensitivity so as to facilitate a congenial working environment. Its objective is to create awareness among women employees so that they are not subjected to gender-specific discrimination or sexual harassment and ensure that their fundamental rights (provided by the Constitution of India) are not violated. 


The Committee seeks to promote respect for women at the workplace, address feminist issues, identify problems of working women and try to resolve them in a well-negotiated manner. This shall be achieved by way of conducting discussions, seminars, presentations, workshops, film festivals and other activities. 


  • Organize guest lectures to enhance awareness on rights, safety, health care   

  • Arrange training programs for learning alertness and teaching basic self-defense techniques  

  • Provide a forum for discussion and interaction with eminent ladies  

  • Coordinate Women’s Day celebrations 

  • Work with Vidyalankar Volunteering and be involved in activities for “Women Empowerment” in the Community 

  • Organize Seminars on women and Indian culture in matters of dressing, festivals, traditions 

  • Organize classes for training on recipes, interior decoration other interests among women 

  • Arrange confidential counseling sessions