Gadget Guru

Gadget Guru implies a technical talk giving focus on the current technology in a particular field.

Some examples of Gadget Guru Sessions

Gadget Guru - iPhone 5 review: To make students aware of the latest iPhone5 with new technologies available in the market today and make them familiar with the new concepts and ideas used in iPhone5. Nowadays iPhones are in demand with the new technology and are helpful in day to day life. This seminar was of great help for students.

Gadget Guru - Intel Solid State Drives: To make students aware of Intel Solid State Drives as a high performance hard drive alternative. Intel Solid State Drives boost the PC to the next level in storage performance and reliability and improves responsiveness. Students became aware with all the latest developments and updates, obtained valuable insights through the seminar, and exchanged ideas.

Gadget Guru - Floating Touch Technology: A seminar on a brand new touch sensor technology called floating touch was organized. The speakers started with the definition of floating technology like what it is, how it was developed and encouraged audience participation throughout the seminar. The speaker also discussed about certain concepts. A small video clip was shown to the students so that they could understand it better. This seminar helped students understand and experience the product.