Information Technology Students Association (ITSA)


Ms. Deepali Vora (INFT)


The Association strives to advance the theory, practice, and application of information technology and innovative technology by maintaining a high professional standard among its members. It promotes cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members, and to this end, holds various seminars and workshops, and, through its organization and other appropriate means.


  • Plan and carryout technical activities relevant to the department concerned.

  • Involve maximum number of students in these activities.

  • Discourage duplication of activities within the department and across the departments.

  • Encourage students to participate / attend technical activities.

  • Look for beyond syllabus technical skills through these activities.

  • Create a platform to develop managerial skill and soft skills in students.


  • PHP Workshop

A short and Descriptive workshop about development of websites using PHP technology by Mr. Kiran Sadvilkar was conducted.

  • Poster Making Event

Students created various E-posters pertaining to latest technology in IT field. The posters were rated according their innovative ideas which were established in their design.

  • Android Workshop

A two day event was conducted for the students to learn the basics of android technology and application development using the same.

  • Calculator Workshop

FE students were taught to solve differentiation and integration via calculator. Also, the students were taught to solve matrix multiplication, quadratic equation, inter-conversion between numbers, statistical and vector function numerical. They were also taught to use constants which are used in Mathematics and Physics. Also, they were taught how to solve the numerical a manner which they could solve sums easily and with great speed which would help them in their exams.

  • Gadget Guru on Cloud Computing

The primary idea of ‘working of Cloud Computing’, such as how the data is stored and retrieved in a cloud was explained.

  • Greek Olympiad Event (Verve-14)

Interesting games to attract students in the Verve-2014 are organized under this event. Students and teachers are invited to form a team and then games are conducted between the teams.

  • .NET Certification Workshop

Workshop was conducted by Mr. Panchal who is Microsoft certified Trainer. Mr. Panchal guided students on an overall process of .NET certification.

  • Gadget Guru Seminar

Information on latest gadgets like Iphone6, Apple Watch, Xiaomi MI4 was showed through an excellent video. This session was an interesting one.