Entrepreneurship Cell


Mr. Jay Bhatt (MMS)


Believing in the maxim that the economic greatness of a country is fueled by the strength and vitality of its entrepreneurs, the EDAC committee shall aim at identifying and nurturing the latent entrepreneurial spirit of students, to provide them with opportunities for excellence, to help them build financial security by designing and implementing innovative, practical, efficient and effective entrepreneurial solutions that create sustainable economy, to create a successful business and a significant realizable value for self, community and nation.


The Entrepreneurship Committee identifies and advises on the types of business the individuals / groups can carry out based on Competencies and Skill assessment. It inspires Entrepreneurship feeling through seminars, workshops, e-week on campus etc. It shall advise on legal –Statutory requirements. It shall assist market research / survey to identify possible business opportunities.


  • Seminar titled as  'E-Summit' conducted on 10th March 2017.

  • Turning your Passion into Career

    VIT's Entrepreneurship Cell in collaboration with Google for Entrepreneurs and Human Circle organized a motivational talk for students and aspiring entrepreneurs on the link between their passion and career. Mr. Kamal Seth (CEO,Human Circle) and Ms. Wioleta Burdzy Seth (Co-Founder, Human Circle) were the speakers at the event held on 04 August.

  • College Startup

    Students were educated about the various big companies, organizations that were incorporated in university campuses globally. The students understood that all it takes to start a venture is just an idea to fulfil a social need and the rest of the plan automatically falls in place.

  • Basics of Entrepreneurship

    Students gained the knowledge about entrepreneurship and what kind of ideas to be developed, if you are going to be an entrepreneur. The students also came to know about risks for entrepreneurship and how various ideas can be developed to start a business.