Vidyalankar Volunteering Committee




As a member of a larger community, the Institute recognizes its societal responsibilities and the importance of mobilizing its youth towards volunteering in social service to make the world a better place for all citizens, regardless of differences. Voluntary community service will provide an opportunity to engineering students to apply their ideals and simultaneously offer specialized input in the development of devices (e.g. technology to help the aged or disabled).


The Vidyalankar Volunteering Committee shall motivate students to willingly participate in ‘on-the field’ social service activities, build partnerships with NGO’s to address common goals and raise awareness of volunteering as it is also an important part of the role of educators. It shall initiate programs such as Blood Donation Camps, Anti-Pollution drives, and Voting Registrations etc. It ensures student participation in community service. It organizes events to increase awareness among community members and involve them in social work so that they can work hand-in-glove with students. It shall initiate NSS and NCC, after obtaining the necessary permissions, to build a student base of volunteers.


  • Blood Donation drive

  • Visit to NGOs to help the under privileged children.

  • Creating awareness amongst the people for volunteering works.