Career Counselling

VIT is committed to providing Career Counselling Services to its students in recognition of the need to equip them with the skills, practical training and languages useful in working across diverse cultures and nationalities in this age of globalization. Acquiring these skill sets would greatly enhance their adaptability and placement opportunities in the highly competitive corporate world. The Career Counselling Committee focuses on improving institutional effectiveness by integrating strategic training courses with the existing engineering curriculum.

For instance, for the benefit of students from across various departments, seminars and workshops in collaborations with industry personnel were conducted to educate students on the various career options available such as:

  • Training courses for success in CAT/GATE/GRE and other similar examinations

  • Training courses on Oracle, JAVA, CCNA, Embedded Systems, VLSI, Web Designing etc. for improving technical skills

  • Short term training courses and workshops on Animation and Robotics.

  • Training courses on foreign languages such as French, Mandarin and Japanese to help students land global assignments.