The Institute has an excellent liaison with the local police. They extend all help and cooperation to the Institute and its students. The Institute enjoys a good rapport with the police and has always received their cooperation, guidance and assistance.

  • Police personnel have formed an Anti-Ragging Cell at their end which monitors ragging activities if any. However not a single incident of ragging has ever occurred at the Institute and no case has ever been registered against the Institute. The credit for this goes to our constant endeavors to keep vigilance at campus with the assistance of our own staff and security.

  • Police contact numbers are prominently displayed in the campus. At times it may be unavoidable for students to seek police help for various reasons. Students can always seek it even with the help of the security officers on campus. The Institute is always ready to provide help to students in distress, along with the police.

  • Police officials have conducted many seminars and activities in the campus for the benefit of students.

  • Students also operate 'Senior Citizen Complaints' counter at the local police station.