Vidyalankarlive.com is an award-winning VIT student-staff community academic networking portal, completely designed, developed and managed by Vidyalankar students.

The web server houses the student portal of the institute. VidyalankarLive.com is essentially a web based forum that bridges the communication gap between students, the Faculty, the non-teaching staff and departments and the Management of the Institute. Apart from being a center for discussion and thought-sharing; Vidyalankarlive also includes multiple customized modules that are focussed on routine tasks of the Institute.

Some of the modules include

  • Placement module – to coordinate and to help dispense information related to placement activities at the Institute

  • Various Commitee forum - to share the activity details organised by various committees.

  • V – Refer – the online repository of all the academic content generated in the Institute by faculty and students for a specific subject. Data is categorized and hence easy to locate and is a virtual treasure trove for learners.

Login at   www.vidyalankarlive.com