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Students Testimonials

I strongly believe that VIT is one of the best colleges in Mumbai University. These four years were the amazing years of my life. We were blessed with the best professors who guided us throughout. VIT also provided study material which proved very beneficial for us. The best part was the time of festivals. ‘Fervor’ was a great platform to showcase our skills. Organizing EESA events and making them successful was the biggest contributor in my life. These organizing events in college inspired me to do the same in TCS too. I have received an award for it. All the credit goes to VIT for giving me this opportunity of utilizing my skills and realizing my potential. Cultural festivals like ‘Gondhal’ brought us close to our real Indian culture. I enjoyed four years of my life. I am proud to have been a part of VIT because it has been a pioneer in my all round development.

Yadnesh Nikam

Electronics Engineering TCS

It's difficult to sum up the memories and experience of four years in few lines. I consider myself very lucky for being a part of VIT. There is something motivational and special in this environment which made us study and enjoy co-curricular activities. All the professors are very helpful and they guided us all the time. Different events and sessions arranged such as Dale Carnegie has boosted my confidence to a great extent which I can experience at my workplace now. Participating and organizing events of festivals and sports gave me a different enjoyable experience. These four years have given me friends for life. It has been an unforgettable journey. I had spent my wonderful days of life in VIT.

Namrata Sabnis

Electronics Engineering TCS

The campus is filled with positive energy and exuberance. My first visit left me awestruck after looking at the infrastructure and maintenance of the college.The campus is full of limitless opportunities if you want to discover yourself. Besides that, this college gave me sweet memories, faithful friends and a sense of confidence to face the challenges and turbulence in life.

Vighnesh Nayak

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering TCS

I currently work for TCS and I am an ex-student of VIT 2013 batch. I have lots of fond memories which I would never forget and will always cherish them. VIT gave me fame when I stood winner in different colleges including IIT. I had a great support from VIT faculty, both moral and strategic support. They were always helpful at the eleventh hour in any condition. The weekly term test did not put much load on me while my final exams as I had much of my studies were done for the test. The notes of VIT had good set of solved and unsolved question. With best EQ and GQ helped me during my exams. Practical labs with best assistants were always at the support for the student. Other than studies college helped me in extracurricular activities. The Friday Pathshala and celebrating different festivals were also enjoyed a lot by me. Hope this institute produces great alumni in future.

Vikky Patil

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering TCS

VIT = A campus of people with Vision, Intelligence and Talent.

I still remember the very first day of VIT but I don't want to recollect the last day of it because it will make me cry now. All four years were golden days that I will cherish throughout of my life because it gave me so many friends and best teachers. And the moments with them will last lifetime. After coming to this campus only I came to know so many hidden qualities about me, just like VIT is my mother and I have grown up under its love. So only one word for My VIT= Jhakkas!

Tejal Lokare

Biomedical Engineering IGATE

I will rephrase VIT as Values Innovation Technology. VIT taught me how to respect an individual how to deal with innovative technology. The day I entered VIT till the day I left VIT I learned lots of things. VIT gave me true hearted friends, ever helping professors and confidence to face any situation in my life. Its infrastructure spreads a positive energy because of which every VIT student is always encouraged to search for new things.

Radhika Pardessi

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering IGATE

"It has been wonderful 4 years at VIT. Things could have been different if VIT had not nurtured us in all respect, be it be developing a sense of leadership, to be innovative in our ideas, building our courage and sense to be in Corporate world, learning work ethics to name a few. VIT have always guided and encouraged their student to take a right path on their own way. Thank you VIT for all the support."

Suvojit Aown

Computer Engineering L and T Infotech

This college surely has the best of the infrastructure you can imagine. You can never be short of opportunities once you get in this college. VIT has finest professors of Mumbai University. VIT nurtures you in a way that, you not only excel in your academics but in the real time challenging and professional environment.

Vinit Divekar

Electronics Engineering L and T Infotech

Right from the word go, the day I stepped in Vidyalankar, I was in the awe of the infrastructure the college had to offer to its students, but more than that what really amazed me was the effort put in by the management to groom its students to be at par with the professional and corporate needs. Today in the corporate world I find myself at home in most of the circumstances, and that has a lot to do with the rigorous and apposite training given to me during my entire tenure at Vidyalankar. Needless to say, VIT provided the perfect platform for technical skill development as well as for personality development. The instruments, labs, libraries are of superb quality and have everything that one needs to gain in-depth knowledge in one’s field of interest. I thank VIT for instilling in me the competitive skills and for teaching me how to be passionate and competent in every endeavour. I am proud to be a student of VIT. It's pretty awesome and anyone would it.

Shailesh Mane

Electronics and Telecommunication L and T Infotech

The four years spent at Vidyalankar has been an amazing experience for me. I have met many like minded people here who have helped my personal and professional development. Vidyalankar has good infrastructure and some dedicated teachers. All this combined makes it an exciting destination for future engineers.

Harshad Golatkar

Electronics Engineering L and T Infotech

VIT for me was a place where I had the best mentors to guide me always. I never had it easy in my academic path. But each time I had a teacher to guide me out. My mentors at VIT gave me a chance to express myself in best way. It was place where you are not criticized for your failure but your journey from failure to success becomes a part of teachers’ life. That is why I never miss My VIT because those teachers are with me now and forever.

Aman Parakh

Electronics Engineering HCL Technologies

The four years that I spent in VIT have taught me patience, endurance and humility while giving me a sense of belonging at the same time. Great infrastructure, good faculty and excellent opportunities for extracurricular and co curricular activities indicate that the college focuses on all round development. I am proud to have been a part of VIT, and given a chance to travel back in time, it is my college I would go back to.

Sindhuja Mangalwedekar

Electronics Engineering HCL Technologies