Student Committees

Student Organizations are formed to draw together people of different ideologies, background to share information and coordinate actions. They may have the advantage of widening viewpoints and sharing out responsibilities. Find out more about the organizations on campus of the Computer Engineering department.

Computer Society of India (CSI)

Received the 'Best Accredited Student branch award from CSI' - 2016.

The Association strives to advance the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing science and technology and maintains a high professional standard among its members. It promotes cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members, and to this end, holds various seminars and workshops, and, through its organization and other appropriate means. Students get exposed to latest technologies and industries through committee workshop and industry visits.

Various activities conducted for the development and improvement of all aspects of computer engineering are stated below.

Web designing Workshop

Web designing Workshop including “php and java script” was conducted by Mr. Praveen Kumar, web developer at Web Solutions.

Workshop on “HADOOP and BIG DATA

Workshop on “HADOOP and BIG DATA” was conducted. Speaker for the event was our own student from B.E Computer Mr. Hardik Gupta. Seminar started with the basics of ‘Data’ but also focused on important elements of HDFS, clusters and ended with actual installation and working of Hadoop with reference to various website.


Workshop on “CLOUD COMPUTING” was conducted. Speaker for the workshop was Mr. Pratik Kadam. Practical implementation of cloud computing were explained with demonstration.

Computer Engineering Students’ Association

Activities conducted under the Committee are listed below

Seminar on Object Oriented Programming

Seminar on Object Oriented Programming and Eclipse was conducted for the students. The seminar began with a presentation by Mr. Harsh Daga.  Through it, Mr. Daga brought to the audience the concept called ‘DreamSpark'- a program by Microsoft exclusively for the students.   He talked in great detail about its usefulness to students in their day-to-day academic activities and also explained importance of visual studio. He concluded by demonstrating the process of creating one's own account on.


A presentation on ‘Dreamspark' using the VIT mail account was conducted by Mr. Ahmed Sabeeh. He highlighted the importance of different programming languages and their need in the corporate world.


Mr. Aayush Khator conducted a session on ‘Eclipse’ for the students.Through his presentation; he explained the convenience of using Eclipse IDE. He also showed the students how to compile a java program on Eclipse. All in all, it was an extremely informative seminar which left the students impressed and thinking.

Android App Development Workshop

Android App Development Workshop was carried out by Mr. Omkar Pimple. He gave a brief introduction on JAVA and its importance in application development. He also discussed some skills which are useful in app development and will make the app more interesting. Some core java concepts required in android program development were taught.

Seminar on Photoshop

Seminar on Photoshop was conducted by our own student Mr. Tejas Warke (ETRX). Through it, Mr. Warke brought to the audience the concept of making posters, blending images and color adjustment using Photoshop. He talked in great detail about its usefulness to students in their day-to-day academic activities and also explained importance of tools in Photoshop. He concluded by demonstrating how to make a poster and blending 2 images.