Sanjay S Thakur

Dr. Sanjay S. Thakur

Professor and Head of the Department


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I have been entrusted to serve as the Head of the Electronics and Telecommunication department and I am eagerly looking forward to serve students to my best ability and capability. One of my major initiatives is to bridge the connection between academia and industry. I look forward to work with my staff, students, alumni, organizations and friends to ensure that the right connection is established and our main vision is accomplished. At the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, we thrive to ensure the Excellence of every student in Academics as well as extracurricular activities. Department of Electronics and Telecommunication has always believed in the concept of making a Difference, be it either in the form of organizing technical events to help the students gain technical expertise or cultural events to bring out the hidden talents of students. Each new academic year begins with a new atmosphere, energetic mission, good values, and exuberance.