Ambadas Deshmukh

Assistant Professor and Coordinator, First Year Engineering

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As the first year students trickle inside the college they have hopes, ambitions and a little bag of dreams in their back pockets. The new campus with a new and daunting course is going to be a challenging road ahead. But with that comes an opportunity to start life afresh and to live up to our optimum potential.

The sun rises with a new glow of hope and optimism and it is up to you of what you make of it. Take the challenge, swim the ocean, and take things in your stride. Because, as they say “A ship in a harbor is safe……but that is not what ships are for!” Don’t let complacency grip you. Don’t get cozy in your comfort zone.

We at VIT, ensure that every student’s enthusiasm and quest for new things is backed by our whole hearted support. It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.