Significance - FE

About the Course

Engineers have always been problem solvers, but today’s emphasis is on breakthrough thinking that transcends traditional departmental boundaries brings together the best minds from across the disciplines to invent disruptive technologies: Robotic devices that can think, swim, play soccer; wireless sensor networks to monitor and control our environment; living machines small enough to navigate and repair human tissue or dispense drugs; strategies for curing Alzheimer’s and heart disease; chip-sized systems for rapid detection of deadly pathogens.  

At Vidyalankar, intellectually rebellious students and faculty challenge accepted explanations and inherited habits of mind. Our engineering students, empowered by this atmosphere of discovery, learn from and work with faculty members who are pushing the limits of engineering and produces inspired individuals: critical thinkers and creative leaders to address the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.  

At First Year Engineering, with a sanctioned intake of 540 students and five major engineering courses such as Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, the onus of creating an amicable and comfortable zone is important. The highly motivated, qualified and experienced faculty and the energetic students work together extensively to build interdisciplinary knowledge.