Ajay Dhruv

Assistant Professor
Information Technology

M.E (Information Technology), Mumbai 2015
B.E (Computer Engineering), Mumbai 2013


Teaching Experience: 06 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 03 Years
Technical Papers Published: 10

During my school days, I always adored the talented teachers who taught me, and this was the time when the seeds of teaching were sown in me. In my Junior college, I enjoyed teaching my friends whenever they faced problems and I could see, they did benefit from my teaching. That was when I found my 'Ikigai'.

Having lived in Mumbai, I love the fast pace of this city but also yearn for solitude at times. The travel bug in me compels me to visit various places in India and across the globe in search of newer avenues. This helps me build my connect with nature. As much as I love spending time in solitude, I am also a great adventure sports enthusiast. Skydiving, Kayaking, Trekking, River Rafting are some of the sports that I have explored so far. I seek inspiration from the lessons learnt during my adventure travel, and I try to imbibe the same in my teaching methodology, be it collaboration with students for project development, writing technical papers or participating in hackathons. My primary goal is to establish a close connect with my student fraternity while mentoring them through their career path.

I believe – ‘Change is the only constant’ in the world. To pertain in this ever-changing world, it is imperative that our skillsets are adept with the ever-emerging scenarios. Thus, I ensure to attend various workshops, courses or even webinars to widen my avenues of knowledge and seek its applications in the emerging vision of this world. My prime research domain relates to Data Science which encapsulates Machine learning, Neural networks, Deep learning and Algorithms. While most of the researchers in this field are absorbed in finding the perfect algorithm, I feel that, even if, we are able to discover some crude approximations and try implementing them perfectly, these algorithms shall have the power to replace neuroscience and significantly transform and help evolve the current state of this planet.