Amey Revandkar

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

M.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2014
B.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2007


Teaching Experience: 8 Years
Research Experience: 1 Year
Technical Papers Published: 4

I feel nostalgic and happy to narrate my journey from childhood till I reached this teaching profession. Till class X, I was good in studies, and enjoyed learning and reading books on Physics the most, like ‘Albert Einstein-Life and Times’ and ‘Readers Digest-Science Edition'. I also enjoyed watching TV channels like ‘Discovery’ and ‘Planet earth’ depicting science theories. I used to analyze and interpret the concepts of science very well and used to explain them to my relatives and friends. The Acknowledgement which I got in return always motivated me to continue doing so.

During my college days, I was fortunate to listen to lectures from eminent teachers. I believe that The teacher’s journey represents a lifelong commitment to learning, not only about content area, grade level, curricular changes, school policy, and technological innovations, but about true passion for new knowledge and skills that make you more effective as a professional and a human being.

After my engineering, I had decided to take up a corporate job. I was in search of a job profile which would give me job satisfaction, wide exposure to challenges, personal space, positive vibes at workplace and time to research in my field of interest. I gained short term experience in few companies.

Later, I decided to follow my passion to teach, and I made my mind to pursue PG to take up a job in academia. Finally, the opportunity knocked at my door and I took it. I got a job in the same college where I learned not only technical subjects but also wisdom to excel in professional life namely Vidyalankar Institute of Technology. I learned the Do’s and Don’ts of teaching. In these six years, not only did I taught students, but also got the opportunity to master over skills like Public speaking, project management, team building, data collection and organization, generating newsletters, students’ counseling, to name a few. I am glad to be surrounded by young curious minds and feel privileged to guide them. My areas of Interest are ‘Instrumentation and control systems’, ‘RF and Microwave Engineering’, and ‘RF Antenna Designing’.

I also have a passion for narrating stories written by eminent writer’s in Marathi Literature. I enjoy watching short films on ‘Conservation of Nature’. I wish all my students a very great luck in their journey to attain knowledge, wisdom and prosperity and urge them to serve our nation though their immense capabilities.