Ameya Gharpure

Assistant Professor
Management Studies

MBA, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto 2016
BE, Mumbai University 2012


Teaching Experience: 06 Years

When I was young, our house-help needed money for his son’s college education. We were able to help him with this and in four years, his son secured a well-paying job. That uplifted the entire family. Over the time, they bought their own home, a TV, a car and had money for savings. This incident showed me the power of education. Educate one person in a family and the entire family is uplifted. It’s our greatest weapon against poverty and other social ills. Seeing its multiplier effect, I decided to make my career in education.

On completion of my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering, I decided to move to Management education to acquire technical skills in areas like finance, accounting and strategy that are needed for administration. I specifically decided to pursue my MBA abroad to experience a different culture. My time at the University of Toronto sensitized me to sophisticated learning techniques like consulting for real companies, using software models to simulate how business decisions unfold etc. I realized that we have great opportunity in India to implement such techniques to improve learning outcomes. I thus decided to come back to India on completion of my MBA.

I began my career at Vidyalankar and have worked here for six years. My interaction with the students at the Department of Management Studies helps me understand the pulse of the current generation’s thinking. This has helped me in my administrative duties at Vidyalankar’s test prep vertical. Conversely, the practical insights from my work in the test prep vertical are imparted to students in my sessions.

I look forward to interacting with you on campus!