Amol Sakhalkar

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Computer Science

M.E. (VLSI & Embedded Systems) Savitribai Phule University, Pune 2019
B.E. (Electronics & Telecommunication), Karnataka University, Dharwad 1987


Industry Experience: 34 Years
Technical Papers Published: 1

My nature is very inquisitive, energetic and enthusiastic. I decided to pursue engineering as it gives me scope to innovate and implement things. I am always eager to learn new concepts and my passion is teaching. I started out my career as a Computer Hardware Engineer when the PCs were newly introduced in the market. I neither received any formal coaching for working on PCs from any mentors nor from the internet. Thus, I had no other option but to learn everything on my own. I learnt to repair motherboards, monitors, printers, power Supplies etc. on my own by trial-and-error method. This boosted my confidence.

In 1991, I started my own computer service center and in 1996, I developed a floppy drive in 8088 Assembly Language. This first brainchild named 'Digitrac +' sold extensively, and over 350 PC service centers utilized it. In the year 2001, I developed educational trainer kits 'PC Xplorer's for engineering and Polytechnic institutes. It was designed with around 8051 microcontrollers. PC Xplorer was used by many reputed engineering institutes. Some of my educational trainer kits include 'Xplorer'51'- 8051 Interface Self Trainers, Digel51 - 8051 Development and Trainer kit, DigelPIC - PIC microcontroller Trainer kit, Network Theorems kits, Scrolling Display Trainer kit, OpAmp Trainer kits, ADC Trainer kit and many others. However, developing only hardware products was not my only goal. So, in 2015, I developed 'Doowhile51'- A Computer based tutorial to learn and teach 8051 microcontroller and interfacing. The total duration of the tutorial exceeds 8 hours. Developing Doowhile51 was an arduous task, that took over 24 months to develop. I had to make use of multiple software viz. Adobe Flash, ActionScript programming language, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition.

I have also developed some industrial products like Conventional Fire Alarm System, Industrial Countdown Timer, Fancy Signboard Display and many others.

Guiding student projects is fun! I have guided over 100 student projects, designed around 8051, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and TIVA.

None of the above has been able to satiate my hunger for innovation, and the older I am getting, the hungrier I am becoming. I hope to get it fed in VIT.

I thank God for showing me this beautiful world and my parents and my schoolteachers for teaching me to be simple, honest and helpful.