Anand Tripathi

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Ph.D. (Science)Physics


Teaching Experience: 23 Years

Being an elder child, I am adored by everyone in my family. I always received the best from my parents even though our financial situation was not very stable. My father had completed his higher education in a night school, and he used to work during the day. This aspect imbibed the importance of education in me as a heirdom from him. As I grew up, I understood my responsibilities and as an elder sister, I started teaching my cousins. Thus, teaching developed as a passion since then. My aim was to gain more knowledge.

Along with studies, I was actively involved in extracurricular activities in my school. I have always nurtured my hobby of drawing along with my studies.

I am a very social person and enjoy working in groups as a team leader. I always give my best to solve the doubts of my students and I am always there to guide them as a mentor in every phase of their life.