Ashish Shekhar

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

M.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2014
B.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2010


Teaching Experience: 8 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 5 Years
Technical Papers Published: 2
Books Authored: 2

When I used to see stars in the sky, I dreamt about what would be happening outside this earth. My curiosity always kept me on toes and I tried to explore more by asking questions to my teachers. Soon I started proposing theories on how things beyond the horizon might be working. While watching a television series called “Universe Exploration,” I came across many technological terms like satellite, space ships, communications, images, and so on. I started to think about how can I study these, and finally I got my pathway, when I enrolled myself in ‘Electronics and Telecommunication’ engineering branch.

I got interested in designing microstrip antennas and started digging more conceptually into it. The consistent follow-up to learn, helped me in understanding many new concepts for antenna designing, antenna simulation software, design, and optimization techniques in microstrip antennas.

Now, you might ask me, why teaching and not industry? Becoming a teacher was my dream since my childhood. I develop and handle many e-learning platforms at the institute and try to involve students to learn it for their benefit. I have taught various subjects so far. When I got to teach ‘Discrete-Time Signal Processing’; which was a great mystery for me during my undergraduate course; I took it as a challenge for me. But I feel that it is our will power that finds the way out of everything. I studied this subject day in and out with consistant efforts. Today I can see the result, when I am getting more than a million viewers for my lecture series on youtube for the teaching of the same subject.

I want to imbibe in my students these qualities which will lead them to become successful with traceable origins.