Atul Oak

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Member of IEEE

M.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2012
B.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2000


Teaching & Research Experience: 20 Years
Technical Papers Published: 10
Masters Students Guided: 4

Teaching is my passion because I feel that ‘teacher’ is like an architect of our life. My interest in teaching was inculcated during my school days. I enjoyed my childhood and did my schooling at Dr. Bedekar Vidya Mandir, Thane. My science teacher was my role model, because he used to teach difficult science concepts using lots of examples and made it easy to learn. With an excellent academic performance at SSC, I started with science stream and decided to go for engineering. During my studies, I used to help my friends by teaching them difficult concepts. It struck me when suddenly one of my friends said “Atul, you can be a Good Teacher”. This thought became more concrete, during activities like technical presentations and project discussions, when I was nominated as a group leader by my friends.

I often used to get fascinated by computers and was very curious to know their functioning. Gradually, I understood that the magic of a computer is a program and the brain of a computer is a microprocessor. To know further, I selected the domain of “System Architecture” for my passion of teaching. I teach my students how to handshake with technology using programming skills and make them industry 4.0 ready.

I have taught almost 12 different subjects namely, microprocessor, microcontroller and applications and embedded systems. Many of my students have done lots of projects - “Smart Attendance”, “Digital Clock in Regional Language like Marathi”, “Bluetooth Enabled Digital Clock” to name a few. Laboratory is a place in engineering education where practical application takes place. I believe in the thought of ‘learning by doing’. So, I am always keen in laboratory related activities. Laboratory motivates the students to explore the working of different types of microcontrollers to develop useful applications. Thus, lots of laboratory charts, models and prototypes have been designed in collaboration with my students.

So, let’s join hands for transforming engineering knowledge into useful and smart engineering applications, as one of the drivers of the future.