Beena Ballal

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Life Member ISTE

M.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2012
B.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Goa University 2001


Teaching Experience: 16 Years
Technical Papers Published: 10
Masters Students Guided: 4

Born and brought up in a beautiful town Mapusa located in a nature packed state of Goa having exquisite mix of sun, sand, beaches, my association with nature is ever since childhood.

My passion towards technology sparked when I saw first colour television broadcast. I always wanted to be an Engineer and a passion for the world of telecommunication gained momentum during my higher secondary education. This passion grew many folds while studying at the degree college at Goa University where I acquired an efficient method for approaching problems. It was a very useful experience because it made me grow both in terms of knowledge and as a person. This very passion led me to become an Engineer.

My teaching career started way back in the winters of 2001. My role model is my mother whose teaching philosophies and style greatly influenced me and my teaching. One of the primary thought which motivated me to take up teaching as career is that teachers are undoubtly the biggest influence on a child's life other than Parents. This Noble profession of teaching has bestowed upon me a golden opportunity of imparting life lessons that students will never forget. I have always believed that teaching is the only profession in the world that puts you in an important and responsible position of influencing decisions, behaviours, strengths, weaknesses and imaginations of the young budding minds.

I have been appreciated for my content and talks as a resource person for FDP’s at institutes of Eminence such as VJTI Mumbai, VNIT Nagpur where my talks revolved around topics related to Educational Technology and pedagogy, Innovative Teaching and learning methods. My love for telecommunication led to the publication of 10 research papers which were published in journals, national and international conferences. My passion for educational Technology did not stop here. I have my own you tube channel where my videos in the domain of computer networking and digital Electronics are being referred by many students. Presentation and Publication of research papers by my project students in many reputed conferences have imparted qualities of self-confidence, Technical Maturity and Team work which have remarkably helped them in their off campus life. Some of the notable projects are staircase climbing smart wheelchair, Vertical Waste segregator, Study of opportunistic routing protocols.

After years of teaching I learnt that more I gave, the more I got. This was not in terms of materialistic gains which my teaching job could offer to me but profound happiness when I hear the success stories of my students or when they recognize me in the teeming market place after many years of their graduation.

Having spent quarter of my life in Goa I am hard core nature lover. My hobbies are cooking, travelling to locations of scenic beauty.