Dr. Deepali Vora

Professor & HOD
Information Technology
Member, ISTE
Member, IFERP

Ph.D., Amity University, Mumbai 2019
M.E.(Computer Engineering), Mumbai University 2012
B.E. (Computer Science and Eng.), Dr. B.A.M. University 1999


Teaching Experience: 18 Years
Research & Industrial Experience: 06 Years
Administrative and managerial Experience: 04 Years
Technical Papers Published: 50
Books & BookChapters Authored: 04
Masters Students Guided: 15

Being born in the family of engineers, I think it was in my DNA, to become one. Eventually, I opted for Computer Engineering and coding became my ever-increasing passion.

My dedicated nature to continuously learn and upgrade myself for innovative things, has helped me in my entire career. In the era, when Internet was just evolving, help from fellow students and seniors taught me the lessons of collaborative learning. Books became my friends and guide to excel in everything. Reading helped me a lot to sail through in engineering too.

Those golden engineering days ended soon, and I started my career as an educator for the diploma students. My mother was a high school teacher and was my role model. Passion for coding prevailed and after a year, I joined the software company for the product development and successfully delivered the products entrusted upon me.

A series of turns in my personal life took me to Mumbai. With a zeal of teaching, I joined Vidyalankar in 2002. Since then it is the second home for me. My personal and professional growth as an educator, researcher and the journey of becoming Head of Department has happened in this institute.

My good hand in recent technology and interest in development has always led me to take new challenges and teach new subjects. With an inherent ability, I get connected with young minds easily and love developing small projects with them. This habit has strengthened my technical knowledge and has kept me updated so far. I developed interest in Neural Network and subsequently in Machine Learning during my postgraduate studies and went on to complete my research in this domain. Thereupon, I developed skills and started training students and faculty. I did projects with undergraduate and postgraduate students and shared these experiences by publishing research papers in journals. The environment in Vidyalankar helped me nurture continuous learning, collaborative working, dedicated and timely work completion and much more. I always think the most important thing in life is to try and inspire others.

I love reading books and listening to music. I cook well and try new recipes whenever I get a chance. I am always cheerful and happy. Whatever I am in my life today is because of my positive approach, sheer hard work and dedication.