Dr. Dilip Motwani

Information Technology

PhD (Technology), Mumbai University 2020
M.E.(Comp), University of Mumbai 2006
B.E.(Comp), Amravati University 1999


Teaching Experience: 22 Years
Administrative Experience: 19 Years
Technical Papers Published: 30
Books Authored: 01
Doctoral/Masters Students Guided: 15

Computer Science is one discipline which has always been on the lookout of best minds. Today, this discipline caters to the requirement of fields like Big Data Analytics, Computer Assisted Education, Bioinformatics, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics which was rarely heard in our days of graduation. It is this very fact about this science that has always appealed to me and has found me gravitating toward a career as an academician in Computer Engineering where every day we get to do something new in this field.

I consider myself to be fortunate in taking a quantum leap into the field of Computer Engineering when it had begun to make an impact on the lives of people across the globe. Accordingly, immediately after my graduation in Computer Engineering in 1999, I joined as a lecturer in an engineering college and started my work with complete hands on approach in designing and implementing computer network for all the laboratories in the college and it turned out to be a great learning experience.

Completion of my post-graduation (ME) in Information Technology equipped me with a new skillset in Network Technologies and Mobile Computing through my project work entitled "Bandwidth Management”.

While utilizing all my computer network skills I also learnt open source Linux operating system environment and mastered Cisco technology. Introduction to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) atmosphere further empowered my functionality in the computer networking area involving gateway configuration and installation of routers, LAN, Linux Server, etc. During the period, I got opportunity to work with organizations like CDAC and IGNOU as their program coordinator which also helped me in enhancing technical skills to great extent.

My 21 year old association has made me acknowledge the reality of the Computer Engineering discipline where the only parameter that is constant is change. To substantiate this belief I would like to cite that while Information Security, E-Commerce, Algorithm and Complexity are the subjects I am currently teaching; Network, Security, Blockchain, Open Source Technology are some of my passionate avenues where I intent to make a significant foray.

Along with my teaching activities, I am also currently handling the critical responsibility of the In-charge, Examinations at VIT. I look forward to shouldering more of such obligations in future towards fulfillment of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in the larger benefits of the institute.