Divya Surve

Assistant Professor
Computer Engineering

MTech Computer Engineering, NMIMS University 2015
B.E. Computer Engineering, Mumbai University 2013


Teaching Experience: 07 Years
Technical papers Published: 3

My childhood was spent on the outskirts of Mumbai in a place named Vasai. I was fortunate to receive the best of schooling with teachers who helped me grow both intellectually and morally. I was always guided and motivated through all major walks of life by my loving parents. Having completed my Secondary School Certificate with Distinction, the obvious options were to get into either Science or Commerce Stream. However following the instincts of my parents and teachers, I decided to take admission at Government Polytechnic Mumbai, Bandra, which was supposedly one of the most reputed institutes in the field of engineering. It was at this very institute that I ventured out from my shell for the first time to explore a new environment in the company of people from varied places across Maharashtra belonging to various strata of the society. I was astonished to see students coming from the small houses in slums, students who were devoid of a high educational family background. I also felt sorry at the plight of students who used to work after college hours, majority of whom, were from vernacular medium and dealing with many more such challenges in life. These were real inspiring heroes for me as they never put forth any excuse of the condition lest it becomes a hindrance in their educational growth. These enthusiastic and dedicated peers stood out as a motivation for me to complete whatever thing I take in my hands to be accomplished with the utmost hard work, sincerity and perfection. I worked extremely hard in the years when I was a student and ensured to keep my distinction maintained throughout. Today, as a teacher I try to imbibe into my students the same roots of hard work and sincerity to face every challenge that is put forth by life.

I got the opportunity to work with VIT during the second year of my MTech at NMIMS. The institute being the best of its kind turned to be a stepping stone in my teaching career, when I decided to join VIT. After completion of 6 years of memorable association with VIT, I would truly say that it is the best place for a student to study and for me as a teacher to explore. We as teachers take every responsibility of our student’s two-fold growth, both in academics as well as their overall development with respect to latest trends in technology. Apart from taking academics, I am also engaged into activities wherein I involve myself with the alumni of the college. This gives me the opportunity to interact with some domain experts of the field and get them back to the institute for interacting with the students thereby help in bridging the gap between academia and industry.

My areas of expertise lies in the domains of network security, image processing, biometrics and datamining. I have taught multiple subjects like Network Programming Lab, Network Threats and Attacks Lab, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Discrete Mathematics and Cloud Computing in these years. I have a passion for learning so I have currently enrolled to PhD at Bhavan’s SPIT College to keep the learner in me alive.

Though it’s my 7th year in the teaching industry, every time I teach in the class, I learn something new as I am dealing with this super human race evolving from generations to generations. I have always strived and will continue to put my efforts to make this generation the fittest of its kind so that it survives longer and healthier.