Dr. Girish Gidaye

Electronics and Computer Science

PhD (Electronics Engineering), Mumbai University, 2021
ME (Electronics Engineering), Shivaji University, Kolhapur 2005
BE(Electronics Engineering ), Shivaji University, Kolhapur 1996


Teaching Experience: 22 Years
Industrial Experience: 02 Years
Technical Papers Published: 07
Masters Students Guided: 02

Belonging to a family of teachers, I was deeply inspired to take up the noble profession of teaching since my childhood. Though I completed my bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering, nothing could change the path which I had firmed up in my mind. The zeal to serve the society and at the same time be a lifelong learner was the spirit with which I started my teaching career in 1998. This incidentally happened after having gained two years of experience in the Electronics industry.

Being an Electronics engineer, the subjects I teach are mainly related to the working principles of electronic devices, their manufacturing and their integration on semiconductor wafer. Hence, as a part of the continuous development process to improve my knowledge and skills, I am actively into the domain of ‘voice disorder assessment’ as my area of research at the University of Mumbai. Since the smartness and brilliance of today’s generation is hard to beat, I used to give projects that solve our day-to-day life problems. This, along with a few projects taken from L & T and BARC, contributed in making our students industry ready and conversant with professional culture that awaits them in the post-graduation.

I strongly agree that gaining merely theoretical expertise in the field is of no importance till learners can relate it to practical purposes. If one experiments it in the laboratory, one can off course understand as well as recall better. To achieve this, I put in my concerted efforts towards the setting of various laboratories like Very Large-Scale Integration, Electronics Devices and Circuits, Power Electronics, Basic Electrical Engineering and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing.

In order to imbibe research culture in the teaching profession, I have been actively involved in the organization of training programs and conferences for the last ten years. Several scientific articles in multiple national and international summits/conferences as well as journals have caught my attention and was reviewed by self thoroughly after a thorough understanding. I also have a keen interest in listening to classical music and reading science fiction books. I devote my holidays to outdoor activities like visiting wildlife sanctuaries and cycling.