Govind Mali

Assistant Professor
General Engineering

M.E. (Mech), University of Mumbai 2014
B.E. (Mechl),Govt. College of Engg, Aurangabad 1993


Teaching Experience: 27 Years
Industrial Experience: 1 year

I wish to share my experiences and my humble journey till now. I was born in a family of farmers in a small village in Latur District of Maharashtra. However, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by various machines and technology since the very beginning. I was always a curious child and my curiosity led me to explore and learn new technologies, be thrilled with new discoveries and create a lot of innovative things. Since childhood, I had a lot of fascination for machines and technology. I started early by doing petty electrical and electronic tasks such as changing the light bulbs in my house. I eventually learnt more complex things and moved on to repairing and maintenance of big machines like well-digging cranes, sugarcane crushers, electrical motor and pumps, audio/video system, jeep, tractor, bikes including plumbing, fabrication and some construction work.

My curiosity never let me sit back and relax. I was a student who was always curious and eager to know how things work…. how things are made…. how science and technology can make life easier and better with the use of accessible resources. I used to open and repair electrical, electronic and mechanical gadgets and machines and try to understand their working principle. This habit of mine gave me first hand and practical experience and knowledge of the electrical and electronic principles, mechanisms, general know-how of machines, gadgets and vehicles. Here, I believe, is where my path to Engineering was paved.

If you ask me what is the one thing that changed my life, my reply would be, “passion”. I feel I was blessed to have found my passion for machines and technology early in my life. This passion gave me a purpose for life, goals to achieve and things to create and innovate. My passion led me to be an engineer and later a teacher. To be an engineer and a teacher at the same time is an amazing thing in itself because I am always surrounded by young minds who are always buzzing with new ideas, new concepts, new technology and remarkable skills and talents. I have to admit, while “teaching”, I have “learned”. I have learned that Engineering is not just about formulae, assignments, exams and pointers, but it is much more than that. It is a way of life. It is as much a science as it is an art. Engineering is as universal as science and as beautiful as art. In a quest to give students a better learning experience, I had dismantled and displayed working models of a personal computer and of basic household wirings which the students appreciated a lot and found it to be an innovative method to learn and understand.

In life, it is a bonus to work at a place where you get opportunities to excel and find people who are encouraging and supportive of you and your passion. Vidyalankar is that place for me where my passion for teaching is nurtured. My association with Vidyalankar started some 21 years back. My start with Vidyalankar was humble but over time it turned out to be a remarkably satisfying and successful journey. Vidyalankar is not merely a beautiful building; it is a daring dream seen by a visionary leader who turned it into reality using his immense talent, knowledge, hard work, determination, zeal and commitment for societal good. And today, Vidyalankar stands tall among all for quality education and a student-centric approach. Vidyalankar is a launch-pad for all those who dare to dream big and have the will and determination to achieve their dreams. I invite you to use this launch-pad to turn your dream into reality.

Students, find your passion, find your purpose. Be useful. Be creative. Be amazing. As engineers, your life’s mantra should be “I don’t want to do easy things…. rather I want to MAKE things easy!” Do remember, I am always available for you, to ignite your passion for new technologies, to share your project ideas, to help you create and innovate and to inspire you to soar.