Harish Ojha

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering

M.Tech. (Electronics Engineering), NMIMS, Mumbai 2013
B.E. (Biomedical Engineering), Mumbai University 2009


Teaching Experience: 12 Years
Technical Papers Published: 5

Studies and sports were the two important pillars of my childhood. During my school days I played cricket, football, badminton and Kabaddi. As life entered a professional phase, badminton became my favorite sport. My day at the campus starts in the badminton court, where I play with colleagues and students. Energized by the morning exercise, I proceed to the classroom, labs, or the library. My passion for books is enduring and fulfilling; it started during my school days in the late 1990s with no internet, no YouTube, and with no other source of educational resources apart from books. Having an elder brother around who was an engineer helped me to access many books on engineering and technology and this is how my interest in engineering began.

When I ponder upon my decision for choosing to be a teacher, I can think of two reasons. The first reason was that there was an annual competition organized by my schooI wherein on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, students would temporarily take up the role of being ‘teachers’ for a day. It was a proud moment for me when I won the ‘Best Teacher’ award in the competition, and the winning streak continued for four years till I completed my SSC. The second reason is that while I was studying in college, my father was the only earning member. As I hail from a middle-class family, to contribute my bit to our family finances, I started tutoring at home. I believe that teaching requires creativity, innovation, passion, intellect, heart and head, love of the subject and empathy towards students. Today’s college students come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring in an equally diverse set of needs. I have learnt to be flexible and supportive of them in order to connect with them. In any subject assigned to me, I always try to bring the classroom to life with real-world examples of innovative technology. I have taught a diverse range of subjects like Hospital Management, Digital Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Biomedical Instrumentation, Principles of Communication Engineering, Analog & Digital Circuit Design, Linear Integrated Circuits, Control Systems, Human Anatomy and Physiology to name a few. I strongly believe that practical knowledge can be gained only after getting hands-on experience and the same can be achieved by designing innovative experiments in laboratories.

My professional teaching career started in 2009 and the first two subjects assigned to me were Electronic Circuits Analysis Design and Principles of Communication Engineering. Over the years I have taught more than ten subjects for various branches of Engineering, but my first two subjects are closest to my heart.

Designing an electronic system is like writing a poem, first we learn the letters, then words, sentences and finally arrange them in a creative order. Letters are equivalent to electronic components (diodes, transistors), words are equivalent to circuits (rectifiers, amplifiers) and sentences are analogous systems (audio system, processors, SMPS). Over the span of a decade, I have completed the cycle from components to systems along with some milestone subjects likes Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Microprocessor and Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems, Electronic Communication Systems, VLSI, Mechatronics etc. I believe practical knowledge is significant. Tools like Multisim, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Embedded C have become an integral part of the Engineering curriculum. Having completed my Diploma in Computer Engineering, I enjoy integrating various software, simulation tools and programming techniques as a part of my teaching.

As a Project Guide I am always willing to help students on the technical front. One of the projects I had guided, titled “Walk Assist“ (a training device that efficiently supports walking) won the first prize in Tantravihar 2019, an intercollegiate project exhibition and competition. Over the years students under my guidance have developed helpful tools for reputed institute like All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Tata Memorial Center. Along with my teaching responsibilities, I worked as a Project Coordinator and helped organize project competitions and technical events. I also contribute as an Alumni Coordinator and organize alumni meets.

Being a teacher is very gratifying. All along, I always knew that teaching would be my future path. This amazing career has not only offered me an incredible opportunity to enlighten young minds, but has also given me an identity.