Harshali Rambade

Assistant Professor
Information Technology

M.E. (Information Technology), University of Mumbai 2014
B.E. (Computer Engineering), University of Mumbai 2009


Teaching Experience: 10 Years
Technical Papers Published: 15

Being an elder child, I am adored by everyone in my family. I always received the best from my parents even though our financial situation was not very stable. My father had completed his higher education in a night school, and he used to work during the day. This aspect imbibed the importance of education in me as a heirdom from him. As I grew up, I understood my responsibilities and as an elder sister, I started teaching my cousins. Thus, teaching developed as a passion since then. My aim was to gain more knowledge.

I am the first one to become an engineer in my family. I was keenly interested in computers and its applications. Subjects like Operating System, Internet Programming and E-commerce is my forte. I have been guiding students in the field of E-Business and Social engineering. I also keep motivating my students to publish technical papers and participate in different technical competitions. Thus, my journey of education is continued by researching in the field of Web Analytics.

Along with studies, I was actively involved in extracurricular activities in my school. I have always nurtured my hobby of drawing along with my studies. I think, this is what made me to be a part of the Hobby Club committee and ‘Alila’, where we conduct workshop/events related to various art forms that help students as well as faculty to cherish their hobbies and rejuvenate themselves from their routine activities.

I am a very social person and enjoy working in groups as a team leader. I always give my best to solve the doubts of my students and I am always there to guide them as a mentor in every phase of their life.