Ichhanshu Jaiswal

Assistant Professor
Information Technology

ME (Information Technology), University of Mumbai 2015
BE (Information Technology), University of Mumbai 2008


Teaching Experience: 12 Years
Administrative and managerial Experience: 07 Years
Technical Papers Published: 07

Grown up in a lower middle-class family, I have always been aware that education can only make me a better person in the society. I came to Mumbai from my native place in 1991 to pursue education. I studied well and scored distinction throughout my career. During my graduation, books were one of my major sources of information. So, I always read technical books to understand various concepts. To confirm my understanding, I always used to discuss it with my college friends. As I received a positive feedback that, “I have the potential to share knowledge with others,” from my friends; it motivated me to become a teacher.

As a teacher, I always ensure to get my students proper career guidance along with subject knowledge. My key areas of interest are Artificial Intelligence, Operating System Concepts, and Object-Oriented Programming and I have guided around 30 projects at the under-graduate level. I believe that the project discussion allows both teachers and students to learn together. I always insist my students to work on projects and advise them to take it seriously.

Managing the departmental examinations since last 7 years has developed management skills within me and it has also helped me understand that it should be error proof.

I believe in technology driven teaching. So, I have changed my teaching approach to tackle this problem by implementing modern teaching methods like animated videos, PowerPoint presentations, and so on. I constantly keep upgrading my information for students’ benefit.

I love to explore different places and observe things around me. I am good at remembering all my students. So, when the alumni visit the college, knowing my skills they always meet me as they are sure that I will always remember them.