Ishan Upadhyay

Assistant Professor
General Engineering

M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), Mumbai University 2016
B.E. (Mechanical Engineering), Mumbai University 2012


Teaching Experience: 09 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 01 Year
Technical Paper Published: 01

Looking back at my life, I have always felt a strong connection with Engineering. Having an inquisitive nature, it was my childhood practice to dismantle my toys just to see and understand their mechanism. Later, I discovered that I had a strong passion for Mathematics and Physics. I began to ask myself a lot of questions for which I only had a few answers. Soon I realized that the field of Engineering would be an excellent choice for my future studies. Besides academics, outdoor games - especially cricket - was intriguing to me. While playing and watching cricket, I used to think about various parameters like force, speed, bounce, dew, average strike rate etc. This made my choice very simple while selecting the branch of Engineering after completion of my high schooling– I opted for the fascinating domain of Mechanical Engineering.

Being one of the naughtiest students of my class, I had never thought of becoming a teacher. My bowling and captaincy were well-appreciated by my co-players, and soon enough leadership quality was developing within me unknowingly. During my B.E. exams, the idea to become a teacher occurred when I was helping my friends by teaching them an important chapter just a day before the exam and they asked me, “Why don’t you try teaching as a profession?”

Subsequently, I took admission into M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) with specialization in solar energy, and I am currently continuing research in the same domain in my Doctoral studies. I realized that any science or engineering activity or process which can be as complex as the conversion of chemical energy of fuel into electrical energy in a thermal power plant, or as simple as melting of ice or welding, finally can be deducted to a few elementary laws i.e. conservation of energy, conservation of mass and conservation of momentum.

The digitally-enabled campus of Vidyalankar Institute of Technology has enabled me to augment my teaching skills. It also encouraged me to use advanced and effective ways of teaching like flipped classroom, personalized learning and problem-based learning. I moved from teacher-centric learning to student-centric learning. I belong to the core Mechanical branch, with my areas of interest being machine design, thermal and fluid power and astrophysics, but I am really excited about learning programming languages as I believe in the saying, “Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”