Javed Patel

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Computer Science

M.E.(EXTC), University of Mumbai, 2021
B.E.(Electronics), Shivaji University, Kolhapur 1993
DEE, Government Polytechnic, Karad 1990


Teaching Experience: 23 Years
Industrial Experience: 06 Years

Honesty and hard work are the two virtues gifted to me by my father, a brilliant advocate by profession. My parents helped me to choose a technical career and the first step in that direction was formally implemented when I got admission in one of the best institutes, the Government Polytechnic at Karad. I completed my diploma with first class and distinction. My incremental interest in Electronics which further helped me to complete my graduation with first class and distinction.

The most important part of my career was one-year on the job association with the M.S.E.B. 400 Kilo Volt Receiving Station. This hands-on experience with high voltage transformers created further interest in generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. It was later in my life when I joined the teaching profession that I realized how this industrial exposure helped me immensely in preparing for my lectures in subjects like BEE. I also got an opportunity to work with Textile Mill for three years. This stint of work completely changed my career when I got hands on experience of motors, all types of sensors and electrical drives. This experience enriched my practical concepts. Another of my favorites were the 860 KVA diesel generators where parallel operation was my favorite technical challenge. Working with these kind of high voltage live circuits was the one of the most eventful things in my life.

I have taught many different subjects in my teaching career like Basic Electrical Engineering, Control System, Television Engineering, Power Electronics etc. I believe that only theoretical knowledge will not help my students in their career. So, I always make it a point in helping students understand practical aspects of the theory from the application perspective. For instance, I often demonstrate the internal structure of motors and transformers by doing practical exercises which not only enhances the clarity of understanding but also arouses the eagerness amongst the students to know more about the topic. At Vidyalankar Institute of technology, we mentor groups of students and during this I have helped the students with their difficulties in subjects and fear of examination. For final year projects, I have helped the students in topics like circuit design, especially power electronics subject and mathematical modelling. We have a special committee IEDP (Intensive Education Development Committee), which helps the students for their critical subjects. I have mentored students not only in overcoming the fear of examinations but also other related problems that one faces sometimes in their life. In the end, I feel happy to see such students soaring high in life as this is what we all thrive for.

During my vacations, I take solace in my roots. For a peaceful retreat away from the humdrum of city life, I visit my native place. It is located in the heart of Maharashtra and is bestowed with natural beauty.