Types of online games at Becric

At Becric Casino, you will have the opportunity to experience many fun and exciting online casino games. Their collection includes classic slots and video slots, as well as jackpots, roulette and more so whatever game you're looking for, they've got it all!

They provide their players with a user-friendly interface that allows them to quickly find popular games. In addition, when you decide to become part of the Becric family, you will also get access to some bonus offers that can enhance your gaming experience even more!

Popular games in Becric

Slots: Take your chances with traditional slots or 3D video slots with bonus features. You can even play progressive jackpot slots and win huge prizes.

Poker: Enjoy the classic poker game with a variety of options including Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

Roulette. Spin the wheel and bet on red or black for a classic casino experience.

Blackjack: Test your luck and skills in the classic blackjack game. Go to 21 or press, stand, surrender to beat the dealer's hand.

Bingo. Enjoy fast bingo games in multiple rooms with different ticket prices to suit your budget.

Scratch Cards: Get lucky with fast and easy instant win card games.

Fantasy: Choose your team, strategize and compete against other players in fantasy sports leagues.

Sports betting

Fixed odds betting is the most commonly used type of sports betting and involves picking a winner or a loser from two options. This type of bet requires you to predict the outcome of an event before it happens, such as the winner of a football game or the score at the end of regular time in a basketball game.

Spread betting is a more sophisticated form of sports betting that is especially popular in the US. This type of betting involves predicting whether the outcome of an event will fall within a certain range, such as correctly predicting the total number of points scored in a basketball game. The closer your prediction is to the real result, the more money you can win.

Finally, in-play betting is an exciting form of sports betting that allows you to bet during an event. This type of bet requires you to know the game well and predict how the action will unfold as it unfolds.

Becric Live Casino

The live casino provides players with an incredibly immersive and realistic gaming experience by allowing them to interact with real dealers in real time via high definition streaming technology. Players will be able to choose from a range of classic table games including roulette, blackjack and baccarat. The live dealer will offer a friendly atmosphere filled with lively conversations and humor, making players feel like they are in a real casino.

In addition to the great atmosphere, Becric Live Casino also offers many bonuses that can benefit both newbies and experienced players. Players who deposit money into their accounts will receive match bonuses, free spins and other rewards that can be used to increase their winnings. Live Casino also offers VIP programs so players can get even more rewards such as cashback and exclusive promotions.

3 most popular slots at Becric

  1. One of the most popular Becric slots is called Lucky Fortune. This game has five reels and three rows, offering players a total of twenty five paylines. Players can use wild symbols, scatters, multipliers and free spins to increase their chances of winning in this exciting slot.

The theme is based on Chinese culture and includes symbols such as golden coins and dragons. The game is designed to provide an immersive experience with vibrant graphics, addictive soundtracks and captivating bonus rounds.

  1. Another popular slot is Mermaid's Magic. This five-reel slot has three rows and twenty paylines, making it easy to form winning combinations. This game features a magical underwater theme and symbols such as mermaids, seahorses and pearls. Players can take advantage of wilds, scatters, free spins and multipliers as they explore the depths of the ocean.

There are also bonus rounds that can be unlocked when players land certain combinations of symbols, giving even more chances to win big.

  1. For something else, Becric has a Vampires vs. Wolves slot machine. This five-reel slot has three rows and twenty paylines, as well as many exciting features that can help gamers increase their winnings. The theme is based on the battle between the forces of darkness and light, with symbols such as vampires, werewolves and crosses. Players can use special symbols such as wilds, scatters and bonus rounds to increase your chances of success. The game also offers a satisfying experience with breathtaking graphics and a rich soundtrack.


All in all, Becric offers a wide variety of online games for people who like to play for fun or just to pass the time. Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, they have something for you to enjoy.

From fantasy RPGs to classic card games, there is something here to suit all types of gamers. Realistic sports simulators offer high quality graphics with plenty of challenge and excitement that many gamers enjoy. And with the many challenges available in every game, there's always something new to discover when you visit Becric.