Dr. Megha Bharati Meghall

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. {English}
M.A. {English}
M.A. {History}


Teaching Experience: 11 Years


Books: 03
Research Papers / Reviews & Articles: 107

Born and brought up at Nainital, one of the most beautiful towns of Uttarakhand, I belong to a middle class family and started working in the field of art, culture, education & literature at a very young age. With spending my entire childhood dreaming to become an Artist, an Author and an Academic, I always have been fascinated by learning. Perhaps, this fascination got me a few accolades as a student as I Topped in my board examinations and Topped the campus in my Post Graduation too. After completing my Master's, I earned my Doctorate in English and also started teaching as an Assistant Professor at the University Campus in Uttarakhand. I have participated in many Workshops, Orientation & Refresher Courses at UGC ASC & British Council and achieved A+ Grade. I have also Participated, Co-chaired and have been a Guest Speaker in more than 140 National & International Conferences, Seminars, Symposia. I have more than 340 publications in the field of Creative Writing in English, Hindi and Kumauni languages in the form of Poems/Stories/Articles/Columns etc. and these works have also been translated into more than eighteen National and International languages.

I have also worked on many administrative positions including Assistant Dean Student's Welfare, Assistant Superintendent of Examinations, Committee Member on Scholarship Board, Admission Board, Incharge of English laboratory, Incharge of English Association and much more. I have also been an Examiner for Internal and External exams and set Question Papers for various Universities and evaluated works such as Ph.D. Thesis, UG, PG copies etc.

I feel elated to share that I have been honored for creating history as the first and only woman Lyricist and Singer from the state, also, my songs are a craze in countries other than India too. And as an Author my Books have hailed a five-star rating from the US, which is absolutely a feat for a small town person like me.

I feel blessed to be better known as the "Queen of Kumaun". Since, my student days, I have been honored with several awards, recognitions and titles, few being -"The Ghazal Shahzadi","The Youth Icon", "Sarvashrestha Geetkar Award", "Global Role Model", "Sri Atal Bihari Bajpayee Achiever's Award", "Hindi Kavya Ratna", "Mahadevi Verma Samman","Global Women Icon", "Kala Nidhi Samman", "Pt.Y.Kishore Samman", "The Literary Excellence Award 2021" and many more for my contributions to the respective fields. In the very beginning of 2022, I was bestowed upon with the prestigious "International Award for outstanding work 2022" from the United States of America, for appreciative work at the global level along with eighteen other internationally celebrated eminent personalities from all over the world.

Here, I would love to mention that I have been honored by the Cabinet Minister, Uttarakhand, for writing and composing the School Anthem of a government girls school, which was the first school anthem ever written in the state and came up as an historical event. Also, I have been honored by the Cabinet Minister Mumbai, Maharashtra for my contributions to the fields of Literature, Indian Film & Television Industry, Music and Social Work.

I got my first break to write songs for the first cinemascope feature film of Uttarakhand when I was just a school going student. And my songs were sung by the eminent bollywood singer Sadhana Sargam. I have appeared as a host on Television shows and have performed live with the legends of Bollywood including late Maya Govind, Abhilash, Pandit Kiran Mishra and many more. With several Music Albums and films, I have distinct books to my credit. I am also active as an Editor, Associate Editor, Managing Editor, Sub-editor, Bureau Chief, Referee, Critic, Board Member, Advisory Member, Panel Member, Columnist, Regional Director, President, Author and Poet for different National and International Journals, Magazines, Newspapers and various Associations. I write in distinct languages such as English, Hindi and Kumauni. Much of my work has been Translated into various National and International language's including Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati, Ukranian, Russian, Arabic, Tajik and more.

I am also a women activist and social worker and run a production house where the young talent and old is trained and nurtured. The youth along with several women are educated and trained here free of cost. Uptill now the house has launched several dancers, singers, writers, models, actors etc. on stage, in films & music videos.

When, people, especially my students ask me about how I maintain the balance between the varied fields I work in, I tell them, "yes, it is a difficult task. I have to accept it. It's true, it takes a lot of energy, time management, self control and patience. But again, it all seems possible to me because learning & creativity has always had a magnetic effect on me. I just love to do all this, love the pain and hard work it takes. There's nothing that can prevent me from surrendering to the cause of positive creation. Perhaps! because I know, whatever is created today is the first step to what will come up as development tomorrow. I feel responsible towards my society and that's what keeps the zeal going while I work in all the fields, that I do".

I love all the struggles that I have gone through in life to stand, where I do today. I strongly believe that there is no substitute for hard work. I am inclined towards very simple living, and I believe in living life to the fullest. To simply Google my name would be a good option to know more about my work.