Welcome to the Mission page of Vidyalankar! Welcome to the future of Tech. As seen from Vidyalankar’s vision.

This is the “Mission Unicorn” project of Vidyalankar. The vision of this project is to provide safe space for all Vidyalankarites to explore their inner God gifted talents and bring them to life in various forms of ideas and projects which can end up becoming a great service to all in their contact. The goal of Project Unicorn is to enable the local student and faculty body to build a ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship and above all interaction. By doing so we hope to achieve an ability for all of us to enrich each other’s experiences by enabling, encouraging and enhancing each other’s ideas offerings and deliverables.

It is our firm belief, and that of many innovative organizations and institutions across the world, that we all have a innovator within us. We all have some unique gift that can bring to life beautiful ways of enabling reality. We believe that as a educational institution we are responsible to create an environment wherein each and all who is part of the environment is able to flourish and bring to life those very gifts and talents in forms of offerings such as products and services.

We believe Mission Unicorn will enable the population of Vidyalankar and beyond to share their hidden talents and bring to life many a startup ideas that are not yet in vision. Further, we also aim to help build these startups in first successful corporations and then into the all elusive UNICORNS. As the legend goes, Unicorn, a single horn horse, is an animal that is elusive and not to be seen. However the Unicorn is magestic beyond measure. Similarly, in start up world, a Unicorn is a startup that has an evaluation of a Billion Dollars, yea Billion with a “B”. Get your seat belts on and start the coffee maker as we are about to take you on a journey you have not been on before, Mission Unicorn, Innovation Speed!

The Mission was conceived by our Hon. Managing Trustee Mr. Vishwas Deshpande. It is led by a team of experts including Council Chair Mr. Nilesh Deshpande, Campus Director Mr. Milind Tadvalkar and Team Lead & Curator of the project Dr. Anil Mehta, who brings decades of innovation experience from Chicago Bell Labs, Willow TV USA and from Hawai`i.

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