Mohit Gujar

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

M.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2016
B.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Solapur University 2014


Teaching Experience: 4 Years
Technical Papers Published: 6
Books Authored: 2

I was fortunate enough to get teachers who developed the curiosity of different subjects in me. I still remember, when I was a child, I used to take screw driver or different tools and dismantle all the new toys to understand how it works and then again assemble it carefully. Slowly and steadily, I started repairing different electronics instruments and PC’s. I got so much into it, that I had assembled my own PC when I was in 11th standard. I always wanted to design my own systems. Inspired by my teachers, I started exploring and practically understanding different concepts. I had subconsciously developed a huge respect towards the teaching profession.

When I was in my junior college, I had already decided to be an Electronics Engineer and satisfy my quest of designing my own systems. The most important tool that I learned was the use of Microcontrollers in designing and automating system. This led me to my current area of expertise i.e. Embedded Systems and IoT. Along with my friends, I built different systems, and won different project competitions.

I used to live in boys’ hostel, and we used to study in groups for our semester examinations. The important aspect of group studies is that, you have to prepare notes by reading different reference books and explain a particular topic to your friends and in return they do the same to you. I started to enjoy this process. My friends used to give compliments about my notes and my explanation techniques. It was during my final year of engineering that I decided to become a teacher and enter into this Nobel profession. I started preparing for GATE examination so that I can go for higher studies. The habit of reading different reference books helped me in the preparation of GATE examination and I qualified the exam with a very good score. I completed my Master’s program within two years, and joined as Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication at the Vidyalankar Institute of Technology in 2016.

At Vidyalankar, we are always encouraged for effective teaching and also to keep working on our expertise at the same time. We at Vidyalankar work with students on different projects and help them to participate in various project competitions and much more. I am also a part of Vidyalankar Consultancy Services, which works on different Industry and Government projects. Working in such committee helps me grow technically and keep me in touch with the latest industry trends.