Nilima Main

Assistant Professor
Engineering Chemistry

Nilima Main M.Sc. Chemistry, University of Pune 2016
B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Mumbai 2014
Maharashtra State Eligibility Test 2016


Teaching Experience: 05 Years
Research Experience: 1.5 Years

Back then, in my childhood, I remember an incident which made me believe in the two supreme policies of life-honesty and bravery. It was a sunny afternoon, I could feel the sun beating on my back and the sweat trickling down my spine. The fumes from the vehicles and the hustling of the crowds was a common scene every afternoon. My father and I strode to a bench to have a seat before I boarded my school bus. Amidst the fumes from the vehicles, I started turning nauseous with the smoke coming from the cigarette puffs of a man near me. I am not sure what struck me at that moment which made me walk up to him and tell him to put out his cigarette; it was either the sternness in my voice or the furiousness in my eyes which compelled him to do so. People at the bus stop gave me a little encouraging grin. When I got back to my seat, my father was astonished by my reaction. ” Never ever let go this quality,” were the words he said to me that day.

This was the kind of child I was back then in school…although among the toppers, I was very talkative and a last bencher. With constant love and attention from teachers, I was sincere and hardworking which aided me throughout my further studies. I was consistent with my scores even in the University exams. While pursuing graduation one of my professors suggested to me to appear for an entrance exam at the University of Pune. I appeared for the entrance exam but had no idea where would I be heading to if I cleared it. Staying away from home was never something I had ever dreamt of. It was a turning point in my life, when I cracked the exam and amidst tough competition, I acquired one among the two seats for students outside the home University of Pune. However heavy my father’s heart was to let me away from his eyes, he supported me in pursuing my dreams.

I have truly had an amazing learning experience during the years of my postgraduation. Working on ionic liquids and discovering the use of amino acids based ionic liquids was the real start of my journey towards research. The most memorable incident in my life is when I was awarded with two gold medals that I received from the eminent scientist Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar. My hard work had paved way for my success. It was not just an academic success, but now I know for sure that it was the blessing of my father from the heavens above.

I have an everlasting bond with Chemistry. Its science is everywhere and I make maximum use of it even when I cook. As I come from a family which belongs to Konkan region in Maharashtra, I have always been fond of nature. I cannot compare the joy of going on a trek and the immense positivity and energy of the early morning sun while heading to work.

In these four years of my teaching experience at Vidyalankar, I have always tried to improve upon various aspects as a teacher; from the use of only chalk and board to flipped classroom and activity-based in the classroom and the laboratory. This was possible only because of the support and opportunities given to me. I am sure, I will continue taking up new challenges and keep learning lifelong. I grew looking up to very talented teachers with their own unique styles of teaching. I believe that I am more of a guide and mentor, trying to share the knowledge with students to unfold their future. I believe in the cycle of life and I know now that it is time to return to my students all the goodness that life has bestowed on me.