Prathamesh Mestry

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

M.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2014
B.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2011


Teaching Experience: 9 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 1 Year
Technical Papers Published: 4

I come from a middle-class family and since my childhood, my parents have always taught me good values and the importance of becoming self-reliant. As a child, I sought to achieve things in life on my own, ranging from a cup of tea till my college admission. My parents encouraged me to become an engineer which I have always aspired for.

During my engineering days, due to the habit of self and group studies, I developed a keen interest in imparting guidance and coaching to my fellow batchmates. This triggered the interest in teaching. I joined Vidyalankar Institute of Technology as a Teacher.

Being a renowned institute, Studying and working at Vidyalankar has always been a pleasure and pride for me. The faculty colleagues at Vidyalankar were my major source of motivation and have helped me to achieve, what I am today.

While pursuing my studies, I developed one productive aspect related to engineering and that is Programming skills. I started learning and exploring my creative side to develop new software skills through programming by using tools like MATLAB, JAVA, Python, and so on.

Apart from academics, I also have keen interest in playing musical instruments like Drum, Dholaki, Guitar and Tasha.