Pravin Patil

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

ME (Electronics), University of Mumbai 2009
BE (Electrical), Shivaji University, Kolhapur 1996


Teaching Experience: 25 Years
Technical papers Published: 10
Masters Students Guided: 8

As an educator, over the past several years, I have been involved in communicating core conceptual schemes to many students that consisted of Electromagnetic Engineering (Maxwell’s Equation) and Circuit Theory. This is needed to address many Electrical and Electronics Engineering problems. I love teaching these concepts by using instructions that are designed to measure and observe students’ learning outcomes. I create dynamic, collaborative and problem-solving learning environment through effective use of ICT tools to enhance the learning experience. Effective use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools while delivering concepts always enthuse me as it enhances students’ engagement during lectures.

I enjoy designing Antenna circuits and RF circuits which are the backbone of many Electronics and Telecommunication circuits. Simulation and fabrication of such disciplines in the laboratory with students is always a well-rounded learning experience.

As an instructor and facilitator, I guide students in the field of RF, Antenna, Sensor design and much more, which allows them to connect with real life problems. Working with students for so many years enabled me to create many learning resources and publish research paperss in the journal of repute.

As a professional educator, I aspire to simulate the spirit of enquiry in students and provide opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding that will meet their needs now and in future. As a faculty member of NAAC accredited Institute, I am committed to assure quality education through effective curriculum delivery as an instructor and as an administrative manager by contributing in the development of framework for successful documentation and policy implementation at Department and Institute level.

I live in Panvel, (Raighad), Maharashtra, a beautiful city surrounded by mountain on one side and mangroves on other side. I love cycling and reading. I am excited to be your instructor.